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Carolyn Audet

Carolyn got her first taste of Maya archaeology during a field trip to Belize and Guatemala in the spring of 1994. The following year she decided to venture farther from home on a trip to see the archaeological and ecological wonders of Ecuador. These two experiences encouraged her to study New World archaeology while attending Princeton University from 1996-2000. During the summer between her sophomore and junior years, Carolyn returned to Belize to participate in the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project based in the western part of the country. The spring semester of her junior year was spent working on the Xibun Archaeological Research Project directed by Dr. Patricia McAnany. That summer Carolyn continued her work in Belize with the BVAR project directed by Dr. Jaime Awe.

After graduation, she remained in Belize and worked for the Tourism Development Project, an organization responsible for the excavation and conservation of many large Maya sites in the country. In the fall of 2001, Carolyn began her graduate studies at Vanderbilt University. She continued working for the BVAR project at the site of Baking Pot and the Tourism Development Project at the sites of Xunantunich and Cahal Pech, until completing her fieldwork during the fall of 2004.

Now an ABD student at Vanderbilt, Carolyn has begun the process of writing her dissertation on the political organization of the Belize Valley.

Research interests include:

The Maya Postclassic period
Ceramic analysis
Metal artifacts
Human osteology
Monumental architecture
Archaeological consolidation techniques