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The Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project would like to thank all those who have helped in the elaboration of this website, particularly the assistance of Myka Schwanke, Rhan-Ju Song and to all those who have taken the time to reply to our numerous email inquiries. We thank Nicole Wood and Stephanie Betancourt of Netkom for their expertise, patience and perseverance in seeing to the implementation of the website. The project would also like to thank Cameron Griffith, Carolyn Audet, Josalyn Ferguson, Jim Aimers and Gabriel Wrobel for invaluable assistance in putting together the 1996 – 2005 personnel files. Claire Ebert assisted in pulling together the publications and dissertations for the publications page.

Photos upon which the BVAR and WBRCP banners are based were taken by Christophe Helmke. The BVAR banner is a cropped segment of a panoramic photo-composite of Plaza A at Cahal Pech taken in 2002. The WBRCP banner stems from a photo of the handprints of Actun Uayazba Kab taken in 1997.

The glyphic text used as part of the navigation toolbar was drawn by Christophe Helmke, from an Early Classic bowl, found in BVAR excavations of the Bedran Group in the periphery of Baking Pot.

Photos in the staff section of the website were provided by the individuals to whom the sections pertain.


We dedicate this site to all those who have worked with the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project over the years and particularly to our invaluable workmen for their dedication, strength, and toil.


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