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Cameron S. Griffith

Between 1987 and 1992 Cameron followed courses in Anthropology, Archaeology and Neuroscience at Miami University in Ohio. In 1994 he joined the BRASS project at El Pilar and subsequently BVAR as project surveyor. After serving as the Deputy Director of the Belize Department of Archaeology's Caves Branch Field School in 1995, he rejoined BVAR in 1996 as assistant director of the Actun Tunichil Muknal Project and as project surveyor Baking Pot. Since the launch of the Western Belize Regional Cave Project in 1997 he has served as co-director of that project. In addition, he has worked on archaeological contracts in Ohio, Louisiana, Arizona, California, and New Mexico. Presently he is in a PhD program at Indiana University’s Department of Anthropology.

“Grace and Transfiguration beyond the Xibalban Doors of Perception: further Investigations into ancient Maya Monumental Modified Speleothem Sculpture."

Click here to downloaded and run this movie on ancient Maya cave art (mov file)

Research interests include:

    Regional and temporal differences of ancient Maya cave use.
    Mortuary practices of the ancient Maya.
    Ancient Maya rock art and cultural speleothem modification.
    Public archaeology.