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Harri Kettunen

Harri Kettunen first joined BVAR and WBRCP in 1999. He graduated from the Department of History at the University of Helsinki in 1996. Currently he's completing his PhD Dissertation on the iconography of Classic Maya nasal motifs.

Harri has carried out numerous field trips in the Maya areas since 1990 with the focus being in the Guatemalan highlands and presently also in western Belize. He has given lectures and presented on Maya related topics in Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, United States, and in various European countries.

Harri is also an amateur photographer, and has exhibited images from the Maya areas in Finland. Besides working on his Dissertation, he teaches Maya epigraphy at the University of Helsinki and is working as a national coordinator for Wayeb, the European Association of Mayanists.

Since 2000 Harri has organized annual seminars and workshops on Maya hieroglyphic writing in San Ignacio along with Christophe Helmke. Harri and Christophe have also written introductory workbooks on Maya glyphs.

Research interests include:

Iconographic analysis
Ancient Maya ideology
Present day Maya culture