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Dr. Jennifer C. Piehl

Jennifer Piehl conducted dissertation research with BVAR at Baking Pot from 1996 to 2000, investigating the articulation of archaeological and osteological indicators of socioeconomic status through the excavation of several house mounds at Baking Pot. She received a BA in Anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley, and is currently completing her dissertation at Tulane University, New Orleans.

Jennifer has been actively involved in archaeological fieldwork since 1993, when she participated in a field season at Copan, Honduras, with the Tulane University project. This work investigated the royal residential compound of the 16th dynastic ruler of the site. Jennifer has conducted paleopathological analysis on the human remains from this project. Other archaeological experience includes excavations in the Silver Creek area of Arizona, and contract archaeology in Louisiana. She is currently an archaeologist and the project osteologist for the El Peru/Waka’ project in Peten, Guatemala.

She has served as Archaeological Consultant on the Strategic Development Plan for the Tourism Development Project in Belize, which resulted in the creation of a 20-year plan for responsible archaeological development for tourism throughout Belize. In this way, she has continued to work closely with Jaime Awe and remained involved in Belizean archaeology, despite the fact that she is not currently excavating in Belize.

Research Interests Include:

    Household Archaeology
    Social Inequality and Status Expression in Smaller Centers in the Eastern Maya Lowlands
    Paleopathological and Stable Isotope Analysis of Human Skeletal Material
    The Late Classic to Terminal Classic Transition in the Eastern Maya Lowlands
    Household Ritual and Mortuary Ritual