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Jon Spenard

Jon began working with WBRCP/BVAR as a student in 1998. He returned in 1999 as a junior staff member where he excavated in the Stela Chamber and entrance of Chechem Ha Cave. That summer he also worked extensively in Actun Chapat both mapping and excavating. He returned in 2000 as a staff member where he spent the first half of the field season finishing up excavations in Actun Chapat. The second half of the field season was spent mapping Ledge 2 in Barton Creek Cave. In 2001, Jon began working with Brent Woodfill, who he met as a student in 1998, on the Vanderbilt Upper Pasión Archaeological Cave Survey, a subproject of the Vanderbilt Cancuen Archaeology Project. Following the 2001 season, Jon began the Master's degree program at Florida State University. The next summer, he worked with Karen Bassie and Christian Halperin at the Jolja' Caves in Chiapas, Mexico. After the 2002 field season, Jon took a break from field work to concentrate on his studies. In 2004, he reunited with Brent and the Cancuen project to study the caves in the region. Since then he has been writing up the results of that field work for his Master's thesis.