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Muggs Alexander

Muggs joined BVAR in 2006, participating in excavations at Cahal Pech.  In 2007 he assisted Christophe Helmke and helped to supervise the excavations at Baking Pot.

He has worked on numerous archaeological projects in the United States including; the first documentation of a Native American camp in Cashiers, North Carolina as well as running and participating in the excavations at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina.  The work he did at Magnolia Plantation will be used to help create the most comprehensive slave museum in the nation.  (http://www.thelivinghistorygroup.com/projects_magnolia_slave.html
Muggs has also done Cultural Resource Management with the Louis Berger Group in a few states including Vermont and Indiana.

In 2005, Muggs graduated from the beautiful College of Charleston, South Carolina, where he was Vice President of the Anthropology/Sociology Club, with a BS in Anthropology.

Currently Muggs is teaching Anthropology and Archaeology at Flagler Palm Coast High School in Palm Coast, Florida.

Muggs's interest include:

First and foremost: Pitz, the Maya Ballgame
Monumental architecture
Mayan iconography
Maya ritual psychotropic usage
Sustainable site preservation for tourism
Regulating Christophe's stress and sanity levels
and cave tubing