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Mike Mirro

Mike Mirro is currently a graduate student at California State University working with Dr. James Brady on a Masters Thesis regarding the ritual use of caves by the Ancient Maya. His interests also lie in the field of GIS where he is working on methods of employing GIS in the study of the cave environment. He has been with the WBRCP since 1997. His experience includes supervising investigations at Barton Creek Cave and Actun Yaxteel Ahau; conducting numerous reconnaissance expeditions into the karst plateaus in northern foothills of the Maya Mountains; and has been a contributing investigator on research in Actun Uayazba Kab, Actun Tunichil Mucnal, Actun Nak Beh, Laberinto de las Tarantulas, and others in the Belize Valley area. On the professional side, he has been working in the field of CRM since 1998. Most recently, he has been employed as a supervisor for several survey projects on Vandenberg Air Force Base in the Central Coast of California. His first caving experience in 1992 in Virginia, an interest he has been pursuing ever since.

Research interests include:

    Spatial analysis of ritual landscapes
    Maya subsistence practices
    Ceramic and lithic analyses
    Ancient caving techniques