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Dr. Reiko Ishihara

Reiko was introduced into Maya archaeology as a field school student of the BVAR project in 1997, and has been actively involved with BVAR and WBRCP as a staff member through 2003. In 1999, she was part of the team investigating the cave site of Actun Chechem Ha, the results comprising her undergraduate thesis: "Ceramics from the Darkness: An Investigation of the Cave Ceramics from Actun Chechem Ha, Belize." Aside from investigations in Belize, she has gained archaeological experience since 1993 at the Lubbock Lake Site, Texas, and at sites in Nara, Osaka, and Ibaraki prefectures in Japan.

In July 2000, she completed her BA in Archaeology from the University of Tsukuba in Japan, and in August 2002, her MA from the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). She is currently a PhD candidate at UCR under the direction of Dr. Karl Taube. Under the aegis of Dr. Takeshi Inomata's Aguateca Archaeological Project, her dissertation research examines ancient Maya usage of a prominent chasm (which is a cave feature) at Aguateca, Guatemala, contextualizing it within the political histories of the sites in the Petexbatun area.

Research Interests include:

    Mesoamerican archaeology
    Mesoamerican cave archaeology
    Ancient Mesoamerican and Southwest cave utilization
    State and ideology
    Ritual and religion
    Landscape studies
    Political economy
    Ceramic analyses
    Iconographic analysis