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Sarah Jack

Sarah joined the WBRCP in 2001 after excavating at the ancient Maya site of Caracol. She returned in 2002 as a junior staff member, both as excavation supervisor (at Caracol and Actun Chapat) and as archaeological illustrator.

Sarah obtained her BA (Hons) in Archaeology & Anthropology from Oxford University, England. Her main field experience consists of one month with the Belize Tourism Development Project (2001); two WBRCP seasons (2001, 2002); an Oxford University training excavation at the Romano-British site of Marcham/Frilford (2002); and excavation at Pompeii, Italy, with the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (2002).

During the 2003 season Sarah undertook research for her undergraduate thesis on ancient Maya cave interments. Once back in England, she undertook carbon and nitrogen isotopic analysis on ancient Maya bone collagen at the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art (Oxford University) to establish diet of individuals over the last five-ten years of their lives. Using this evidence, she was able to isolate preliminary patterns pertaining to social class and diet (based on the skeletal individuals) and assessed what implications this may have had for our understanding of ancient Maya cave use.